I was hooked the first moment I set eyes on the salt at Bonneville… it didn’t take me long to want to race there. You may have read about my opportunity to drive Jerry’s 1955 Studebaker, the same year/make as my Studie. And now here’s the rest of the story…

Watch the video above for an inside view of my rookie run. 2:43 has a little celebration and the very end has my just-out-of-the-helmet commentary. The full article, along with a ton of photos, can be found on DrivingLine.com (direct article link here). To get you even more interested, here’s a little teaser of the story’s beginning…

I’d been waiting for this moment for years, and it was finally here. I was sitting behind the wheel of a 1955 Studebaker, in full race gear and 100-degree heat, waiting for the official to give me the signal to press down the skinny pedal. I’d practiced bailing out of the car — unhooking the wrist restraints, reaching to open the door, unhooking the safety net, moving aside the head restraints and unbuckling the 5-point harness to fish myself out past the racing seat and roll cage while wearing a helmet. What I hadn’t practiced, couldn’t practice, was grasping exactly what it would feel like taking my first run down the salt. It’s like the first time getting a tattoo and not knowing what the sensation will be when the tattoo needle first pricks your skin. But, it’s better than you could ever imagine: quiet, otherworldly and — lacking any better way to describe it — magic.

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