It’s true, pictures can be worth a thousand words–but in some cases you need words too. The vastness of Bonneville as seen on Jerry’s run above doesn’t come near to telling the full story. It’s taken me nearly a year of mulling over my experience of a lifetime at last year’s Speedweek to be able to do the story justice. But I’m pretty excited to tell it. Racing out on the Bonneville Salt Flats may not be for everyone, but I think everyone can use a little of the magic that happens out there during Speedweek… even if it’s just a story on the Internet.

I’ve published my full story about the epic journey over on

Speed Seeking: Chance of a Lifetime on the Salt Flats [Part 1] <–click here

Speed Seeking: Licensed to Race at Bonneville [Part 2]

What’s your next adventure? Whatever it may be…
Happy Trails,

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