With one in every five MINIs sold in Europe being an all-electric model, it’s inevitable that MINI increases the available of its all-electric drivetrain to beyond just the 3-door hatch. I always thought zero emissions suited the drop top MINI and it seems someone in Munich agrees too, as an all-electric MINI Convertible is finally here, though just limited to 999 units and in two colours.

Specs for the new MINI Cooper SE Convertible (or MINI Electric Convertible) are fixed and it is only available in Enigmatic Black and White Silver, with the door handles, side scuttles and light surrounds finished in Resolute Bronze. The door sill trims and side scuttles are finished with 1 of 999 lettering, to remind you that you’re driving one of just 999 cars made for this generation.

The electric drivetrain will take it to 100 km/h in 8.2 seconds, thanks to a 184 hp electric motor. The battery is only big enough to take up to 201 km on the WLTP cycle, but good enough for weekend Genting trips, while you are enjoying the open air.

Though with only 999 units available worldwide, we wonder if any amount will be allocated to the Malaysian market. It would certainly be a fun toy to have.

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