A new motorcycle emission standard in Singapore will be in effect on April 6, and all motorcycles in the island state will have to comply to the new rules, whether foreign or Singapore registered. Many Malaysians who live in Johor and commute to Singapore daily do so on two-wheelers, so this is vital.

According to the republic’s National Environment Agency (NEA), all motorcycles in Singapore must comply with the carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrocarbon (HC) gases emission limits in addition to smoke and noise emissions requirements.

The new CO limit is 4.5% while the new HC limit is 7,800 ppm for two-stroke bikes and 2,000 ppm for four-stroke engines. These are in addition to smoke (no smoke or visible vapour) and noise (99 dBA) limits.

The NEA says that emission testing will be conducted at land entry checkpoints and in enforcement blitzes by the Singapore government. Riders will be issued on the spot fines if their machines fail to comply with the new standards, and the fine amount will be the same for local and foreign registered vehicles.

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