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Marc Marquez seems like a nice enough human being, who’s only quirk may be that he blinks less times per minute than average. He also seems to have an affinity for taking shockingly violent stumbles off his Honda RC213V. Careful, there Marc. I’m a fan, and so I have to look away when Marquez seems like he’s about to hi-side off the Honda again.

But his competitors may not be as fond of the MotoGP world champ. It seems Marquez favors a riding style that is high-risk, high-reward and the Repsol Honda rider admits that it makes him an “asshole” on the track. Marquez says so himself in the upcoming Marc Marquez: All In documentary, which is being released just in time for the long weekend ahead. Check out the trailer below:

Marc Marquez: ALL IN | Official Trailer

Autosport calls the documentary series “essential viewing,” not the least of which because, in it, you will hear Marquez openly accept that he’s kind of an asshole, as the article says and that he’s not really keen on changing his riding style.

Marquez fully accepts that he is an “asshole” on track, but bears no shame in admitting he likes being “risky” when racing.

As he tells his Honda team at Mugello in episode two that he will be going to America for a fourth surgery on his arm and pausing his season (something covered off a great deal in episodes two and three, and later in the series) Marquez takes great joy in an anecdote about his riding style. He revealed that in his first test in Malaysia on the Honda in 2013, having crashed four times, Honda’s former technical director Takeo Yokoyama told Marquez that his riding style would not work and he would simply keep breaking bikes.

As Marquez’s style continued to drive him to success, he says he always liked to make a point to Yokoyama-san that he was still the same rider as in that Malaysia test.

Even throughout the injury woes, Marquez’s spirit hasn’t been shaken – even if now he does exercise some more caution when necessary.

Again, I’m a big fan of the Spanish rider, and I’d probably say you can only take so many tumbles before something can’t be put back together again. But then again, I don’t have six MotoGP World Championships like Marquez does. And he also seems to not be human. Check out the series on Amazon: Prime Video not only to hear Marquez be candidly self-aware, but also to see his journey through those six championships.

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