There will be no more off-peak toll rates at the Malaysia-Singapore Second Link’s Tanjung Kupang toll plaza from March 1. This means that from tomorrow, all vehicles passing through the Linkedua highway will be charged the present peak hour rates.

PLUS explained that the off-peak rates were introduced in 2018 at Tanjung Kupang to boost traffic to and from Singapore. However, after more than five years since off-peak rates started, the move has received lukewarm response from highway users.

The concessionaire says that based on data, the daily number of vehicles at Tanjung Kupang “remained identical to the traffic volume recorded before the off-peak hour toll rates were offered” and “there has been no significant increase in traffic during off-peak hours till today”.

Also, statistics show that more than 50% of the vehicles passing through Tanjung Kupang during off-peak hours are Singapore-registered vehicles. The peak hour rates are RM6.14 for private vehicles, RM17.10 and RM34.30 for commercial vehicles, RM4.67 for taxis and RM7.45 for buses.

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