A Wonderful New World of Ford, Favorite Car Ads: 1960 Ford

Favorite Car Ads: 1960 Ford

Man, they don’t make commercials like this anymore. Nor do carmakers spend money heralding the arrival of their new-model year offerings. We live in the era of target marketing and micro ads. The odds of consumers today being exposed to ads for products they might not want—or cannot afford—are relatively low. Modern advertisers know who we are, and they know where we live.

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Favorite Car Ads: 1960 Ford

But man, this was not always the case. Take for example the glorious three-minute Ford masterpiece shared below. This ad, which appeared as part of television shows in 1959 and 1960 has a distinctly Disney quality to it. By all means, watch the ad before reading further.

I am most amused by the people in gala dress awaiting the arrival of brand-new Fords from the sky. Also, I’m impressed that not a single party-goer seemed worried about being crushed by an airborne Ford.

As silly and wonderful as this ad is, there are two very-big pieces of news here. First, for the first-time ever, the entire full-size Ford lineup shares a single name: Galaxie. Secondly, Ford’s first compact car, the Falcon, makes its debut in this ad.

It’s likely that the big Fords were given a single lineup name to avoid confusion with the new Falcon lineup. The Note also, the Thunderbird, which would be redesigned for 1961, is shown exclusively from the rear, the car’s most distinctive angle.

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The fully orchestrated soundtrack to this ad is also a hoot. Listen to the lyrics and you’ll learn:

  • These cars are “…the finest new Fords of a lifetime.”
  • The Thunderbird is “…the finest of fine cars.”
  • And the Falcon is “…the easiest new car in the world to own.”

On a personal note, I seriously doubt the wealthy-looking folks depicted in this ad were in any way interested in the Falcon. Even in this ad the car looks like a price special, with its painted white wheels and black sidewall tires. Unless, some of these partygoers were looking for a third car for the kids.

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For more tuxedo-and-evening-dress new-model-year ad fun, check out this awesome ad which appeared on You Bet Your Life with Groucho Marx back in late 1957. Celebrities aren’t this classy anymore.

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Favorite Car Ads: 1960 Ford

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Favorite Car Ads: 1960 Ford

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Favorite Car Ads: 1960 Ford

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