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I built a 1/24 kit of that same Stratos a few years ago, although it’s not my most prized model. I bought the kit while on a work trip to Japan, and was pretty stoked to get it. I elected to build it without the light pod, and the headlights down to show the essential Stratos shape.

Most prized would have to go to the 1/12 Rossi Hawaiian NSR500, raced at the 2001 Italian MotoGP. Last year of the factory 2 strokes, Rossi’s first title year in the top class, and the only race he ran with a special color scheme that year.

Good to see another Stratos stan, but let’s showcase a pic of KTM’s model of Valentino Rossi’s NSR500 from The Doctor’s first premier class-winning year. Very tropical indeed.

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