Inside The President’s Car: The Beast

My parents, bless them, should not be driving.

They are getting on in years and both have terrible eyesight. It’s a shame, I really feel for my father since he is a true enthusiast and used to race in his youth. My mother, however, never should have been granted a license, even in her prime.

For them it must be something chauffeured, preferably with medical equipment on board. So, really, the only answer is The Beast.

Either my brother or the Secret Service can drive them, whichever keeps them farther away from being able to cast a meaningful vote on anything of importance.

It’s unfortunate that parents inevitably get to the age where they shouldn’t be driving. But if you’ve got the money, hiring a driver for them is a great way to go. I’m not sure you can actually rent a Secret Service agent, though.

Submitted by: IstillmissmyXJ

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