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Episode: 157

Broadcast date: March 20, 2023

Guest: Sam Fiorani

Auto Inventory, Dealer Consolidation, BMW X7 M60i

Jill and Tom opened the show by talking about Jill’s strange hotel room. Jill is on the road to drive the new Hyundai Ioniq 6 sedan. The conversation turned to the monthly supply of new cars in the pipeline, and a review of several vehicles which should be easy to find on dealer lots at the moment. The hosts also discussed the all-new Genesis G70 Electrified, an all-electric version of the Korean luxury maker’s compact crossover. A full review of the vehicle will be shared on an upcoming episode.

Jill and Tom are joined in the second segment by industry analyst Sam Fiorani of AutoForecast Solutions. Sam shared some insight into the operation of large car-dealer chains—including Auto Nation and CarMax—and what retail consolidation means for consumers. Sam also shared insight into the slow rollouts of several electric vehicles, including the Toyota bZ4X, and the Nissan Ariya.

Sam joined Jill for this week’s quiz. Quiz topic: Subaru, with a bonus question about radish varieties. Tom wrapped up the show sharing his impressions of the BMW X7 M60i large SUV.

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