Finally, an Ioniq 5 with a rear wiper!

Hyundai has released teaser pix of the upcoming Hyundai Ioniq 5 N on test in the snow north of Europe. Given that certain western media have already tried it out, we think a launch could be coming soon.

You must be wondering why is Hyundai taking such a long time to launch the Ioniq 5 N when Kia has launched the EV6 GT some time ago.

There is one big change compared to the ordinary Ioniq 5 from the photos – the presence of a rear wiper to address criticism that the rear window gets way too dirty without one, but surely just a wiper isn’t the reason the Ioniq 5 N isn’t launched yet?

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 N will get different wheels and bumpers

So here’s the thing, the Ioniq 5 N won’t just be a regular Ioniq 5 with more powerful motors. That would just be an Ioniq 5 that’s faster in the straight line.

Hyundai’s N division wanted to inject more fun of driving into the recipe, which is why it’s taking a longer time. And Hyundai has already previewed some of the stuff the N division has been working on.

The Hyundai ioniq 5 N will come with features that will allow it to emulate the feel of a traditional ICE-powered car with a dual clutch gearbox.

Skip to around the 5 minute 10 second mark

The car’s “N e-Shift” will aim to create sensations that match the feeling of a dual clutch gearbox shifting in an ICE-powered N model, while “N Sound +” will simulate gearbox and engine noises. In the video above, you can see the car jerk during the shifting, just like how a real shifting ICE car would.

Some Australian media that have had the opportunity to test the prototype Ioniq 5 N also report a larger battery size of around 80 kWh, a bit more power than the Kia EV6 GT, electronically variable dampers, e-LSD, variable torque control, and a drift mode.

Will the Hyundai Ioniq 5 N be launched in Malaysia? How much of a price premium could it command over the Ioniq 5 Max, which currently goes for RM270,408? Would a RM100k premium be fair?

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