1999 Shelby Brock Daytona Coupe – Jay Leno’s Garage

I often have to drive between locations for my company, that spans across a state, in my own car. (I get paid good mileage.) And, most of the roads are sweeping and twisting highways cutting through forests and mountains with hardy a gas station let alone a town for 30+ miles at a time.

Backroads call for something engaging and fun to drive. Also, something with power to overtake logging trucks and slower RVs in the few brief chances you get, when a passing lane appears for a 1/4 mile stretch.

A Shelby Cobra is my dream car, but not super practical. So, how about a roofed coupe, built on the same chassis? Perfection!

And, with the new ones, you get classic style and power, but with the options of modern amenities such as AC, heated seats, and such. Even a spot for a radio!

Submitted by: Knyte

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