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Image: Michael Macor (AP)

Self driving cars once seemed as if they were the way forward. Companies like GM, Ford, and, infamously, Tesla dove into the technology. But after quite a few hiccups, it looks as if A.I. and self driving car tech isn’t the savior some thought, as Adam Conover points out.

A.I. is B.S.

In a video posted to his YouTube channel that’s just over 25 minutes long, Conover goes in on A.I., self driving cars and the companies behind them. And he isn’t just spewing nonsense either. Conover has the receipts, especially against Tesla.

Starting at the 5:54 mark, Conover details how Elon Musk and Tesla sold people on the lies of self-driving tech with its Autopilot feature. From federal investigations into the tech, to the admission of one of the company’s engineers that the self-driving videos were staged, people bought into it and some at the cost of their lives. Conover reminds viewers that 10 people tragically died from using Tesla’s Autopilot in 2022.

Surprisingly many in the comments agree with his sentiments on A.I. Usually with things like this, even with brief mention of Tesla, will have Elon’s fans coming out of the woodwork to defend him. Not here. Everyone agrees that A.I. is coming for us and it may not be in a way that’s beneficial to individuals or society as a whole. Head on over to YouTube to check out the full video.

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