Improving safety for motorcycle riders is the 2023 Shark Skwal i3 helmet, which comes with integrated brake lights. The Skwal I3 does not require a hard wired connection to the motorcycle, or any Bluetooth pairing with a bike-mounted module – both are common connection methods for helmet mounted brake lights

Instead the Skwal i3 uses a triaxial accelerometer in the helmet, a sensor that measures movement in three axes. This sensor detects sudden deceleration and sends a signal to two LEDs mounted in the rear of the helmet.

The system will flash the helmet mounted brake lights three times per second under steady braking and five times per second under hard braking conditions. This increases visibility of the rider to other road users during emergency situations.

Also part of the Skwal i3’s lighting system, a set of front-mounted LEDs is located on the brow and chin bar of the helmet. The front LEDs are customisable to one of three light modes while the rear brake lights are not.

The Skwal i3 uses an internal battery with USB charging, giving 12 hours of use with a three-hour charge. Sleep mode activates after two minutes of no movement and after 24 hours the unit will turn off completely to preserve battery life.

Compliant to the new ECE 22.06 safety standard for Europe, the Skwal i3 is a step forward in motorcycle safety. “We started from scratch for this project,” said Christophe Fontana, Research and Development Manager at Shark, based on security and high-end functionalities we left room for innovations throughout the 30 months of development.”

Speaking to a spokesperson from Shark Helmets Malaysia, stock of the 2023 Skwal i3 is expected in the local market this July.

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