You are what you eat, the experts say. And so we carefully choose the food we consume for its nutritional values, or the lack of it, but how about the air we breathe? We need air like we need food, but it’s easy to take air – and air quality – for granted.

While it’s practically impossible to breathe in filtered air all day, everyday, we can control the air we breathe in the places that we spend the most time in. For most of us, that’s our home and our car. And when it comes to air purifiers, Blueair is a specialist in the field and among the top names in the industry.

The secret behind Blueair’s powerful filtration is the patented HEPASilent technology, a unique combination of electrostatic and mechanical filtration. The combination allows for filters that are less dense and require less air pressure than traditional HEPA filters, without a loss in performance. This results in quieter and more energy efficient air purifiers.

Blueair’s CabinAir P1 and P2i purifies the air inside your vehicle in less than six minutes. It can remove external contaminants coming into the car, and having one inside the your vehicle’s cabin will improve the quality of air in that confined space, keeping you more energised and alert, which in turn improves safety. Speaking of safety, Volvo has integrated Blueair CabinAir technology into its vehicles.

Blueair is running campaigns for the Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebrations, and the Blueair Classic Raya Special Deal runs from now till May 31. Purchase a Blueair Classic model and get an additional one year warranty (3+1 in total) when you register the e-warranty at the Visionary Solutions website.

The Balik Kampung Sale will run from April 1 till May 31, offering the Blueair CabinAir series for your balik kampung journey at a special price. The CabinAir P1 model is being offered at just RM788 (normal price RM1,388) and the Cabin P2i model at just RM988 (normal price RM1,788), which is a superb deal.

Also, purchase a Blue series model and you’ll get a complimentary Blue series pre-filter worth up to RM80. Eligible models under this promo are from the Blue Extension series and Blue Pure Fan series. There are limited stocks of promo models so it’s while stocks last, on a first come first served basis.

To learn more about Blueair and its air purifiers, visit Blueair’s website, Facebook and Instagram. To purchase, head to Visionary Solutions or Blueair official e-commerce stores on Lazada and Shopee. Alternatively, you can find Blueair products at Harvey Norman, ESH, One Living, TBM, SenQ and Best Denki stores.

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