KUALA LUMPUR, 13.4.2023: Pusat Gerakan Operasi (PGO), JBPM Kuala Lumpur…

Posted by Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Malaysia on Thursday, 13 April 2023

Four electric scooters were among those lost in a fire while parked at Suria KLCC earlier today. Other than the scooters, 9 motorcycles were also lost in the blaze. A total of 13 vehicles were involved but the last one only suffered minor damage.

Firefighers from Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat WPKL responded to a 999 call at 3:46 pm and managed to control the fire by 4:04pm.

This incident could be the first reported fire involving an electric vehicle in Malaysia. Electric vehicle fires can be difficult to put out, but thankfully in this case since electric scooters have small batteries, it seems that firefighters put it out with relative ease.

The cause for the fire has yet to be determined – we don’t know if the electric scooters caused it. There could be many possible scenarios that could have caused a fire to start. As you know, internal combustion engine vehicles such as motorcycles carry some pretty combustible fuel around with them. We’ll have to wait for the findings of the investigation to know for sure.

Previously we reported that KPKT was proposing a ban on EV chargers in basement parking lots due to concerns raised by Jabatan Bomba on access by firefighting vehicles.

The fact that a fire involving electric vehicles (though it appears they weren’t being charged) has already happened might strengthen Jabatan Bomba’s case.

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