F1 1954 Grand Prix : Monza – Highlights

  • Race: 1954 Italian Grand Prix, 1955 Monaco Grand Prix
  • Car: Maserati 250F, Mercedes-Benz W196

Stirling Moss is often remembered as one of the finest F1 drivers to never win a Formula 1 Championship — in large part because he dedicated much of his career to driving uncompetitive British cars well beyond their capabilities. But he was also a fiercely determined racer, and if he needed to push a car across the finish, well, he would. And he did, twice.

The first came at the 1954 Italian Grand Prix. Moss’ competitive car ultimately seized after some engine trouble, and he was forced to push the car a few feet across the line after Juan Manuel Fangio took the checkered flag. He was, by that time, nine laps down and was classified 10th.

Then, at the 1955 Monaco Grand Prix, Moss was almost a lap ahead of the competition when his engine blew on lap 80; he parked close to the finish line and once again waited until the ultimate winner — in this case, Maurice Trintignant — took the flag, according to Formula 1: The Knowledge. Moss then pushed his car across the line. Despite being 19 laps down, he still finished in ninth place.

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