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Photo: Craigslist

Yamaha Ténéré 700, my beloved. Since I first saw the FortNine review of the T7, I’ve wanted one. This was the bike in my head when I bought my baby GS, the bike I hoped to work my way up to. The Trans Am above is a nebulous want, something to maybe someday consider. The T7, I will own. Or, at least, test ride.

This, however, will probably not be the one. It’s located in California, a state known for its lack of me, and getting back would either be an incredible road trip or a major hassle. Plus, I’ve never really been a fan of the high front fender look.

Man, that would be such a fun road trip back though. Lalita, if you’re editing this, can I expense a Ténéré and gas to get it back from California? I’ll reimburse Jalopnik with whatever my BMW sells for. Editors note: Steven, I wanted to initially answer “yes” so to throw you off, because as we both know when you wrote that note in that you were not going to get a yes. Plus, we’re more likely to reimburse someone like me for my $500 project bike than for something over eleven-thousand American dollars! But, props to you, and the rest of our team, for collectively asking for over $40,000 in vehicles to expense today.

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