Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has carried out a rebranding exercise which will see the Range Rover, Discovery and Defender nameplates being brought to the forefront, sitting alongside Jaguar in what the company terms a “house of brands.”

They will each sit distinctively as sub-brands in the scheme of things, with JLR being the holding company for them. It had been reported by some news outlets that the Land Rover name was being dropped as part of the overhaul, but the company says that this is not the case.

The inference came after an interview with JLR chief creative officer Gerry McGovern, in which he was quoted as saying that current Range Rover and Defender owners use those brand names rather than Land Rover when describing what they drive.

“The reality is Range Rover is already a brand, and so is Defender. We love the Land Rover name, but it doesn’t have as much equity as Range Rover, and Defender is rising fast. People tell us they drive a Range Rover, not a Land Rover,” he reportedly told Motor Trend.

However, the company says that the Land Rover name will continue on, if not exactly centre stage on products. As Car and Driver reports, JLR stated in a written response that it is “not losing the Land Rover name; its spirit is – and will continue to be – a crucial part of our DNA.” As indicated, the LR moniker will remain in use as an identifier, just not applied as a prefix to say, a Range Rover.

As part of its reinvention, the automaker will be making more inroads into electrification. It is set to make its Halewood, UK plant an all-electric production facility and introduce a new medium-sized fully-electric SUV platform, which will be based on its Electrified Modular Platform (EMA). Elsewhere, an electric Range Rover is coming in 2025, and Jaguar will be adding three new models to its line-up.

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