Dramatic recreation of teenage ass-jags not saving the bus driver.

Dramatic recreation of teenage ass-jags not saving the bus driver.
Photo: Sean Justice (Getty Images)

I don’t know about the rest of you, but holy hell: I do not have great memories of riding the school bus in middle school or high school. It was loud, really diesel fumey and filled with asshole kids (myself included). My memories would be a lot worse if there had been a point where the driver had passed out at the wheel, though.

In case you missed it:

That’s just what happened on a Warren, Michigan school bus recently, according to a report published by CBS News on Thursday. In the security video footage, the driver can be seen and heard radioing their dispatch, stating that they’re feeling super dizzy. They then move to slow the bus and lean over to shift into neutral or park, and it’s at this point they lose consciousness with the bus still rolling.

This could have easily turned into a bad scene had it not been for the quick actions of a seventh grader who jumped out of his seat and managed to not only get his foot on the brake and his hands on the wheel, but who also shouted to other students that someone needed to call 911.

Frankly, if it were seventh-grade me in this situation, I’d probably have rather died in a horrific crash than die of embarrassment by jumping up in front of all the other little reprobates on the bus, so I think we all owe this anonymous (because he’s a minor, duh) kid a full Jalopnik salute. Good work, lil bud!

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