Great Wall Motor has stepped up with its teaser campaign for its second right hand drive Ora model after the Good Cat. It has a few names such as Lightning Cat in China and most recently it was called the Grand Cat when it was previewed in December 2022 in Thailand.

For the UK market, it has yet to be given an official name. Instead, GWM is referring to it as the “Next GWM Ora” for now. It’s worth noting that not all right hand drive countries seem to get the same names for GWM Ora models. For example, the Ora Good Cat in Malaysia is called the Ora Funky Cat in UK.

Whatever it ends up being called, the Grand Cat seems to be positioned upmarket from the Good Cat. It can be specced in all wheel drive with dual motors, with a power output of up to 400 PS and 680 Nm. The 100 km/h sprint with that spec is just over 4.4 seconds. That’s fast.

If you opt for a config that’s focused on range instead of speed, you can travel up to 600 km on the WLTP cycle thanks to a 83.5 kWh battery paired with just one 204 PS, 340 Nm motor at the front.

The Grand Cat’s wheelbase spans 2,870 mm, which is 220 mm longer when compared to the Good Cat. Naturally, it’s larger in other dimensions too with a length of 4,871 mm (+636 mm), width of 1,862 mm (+37 mm), although the Grand Cat’s shape results in a height of 1,500 mm (-96 mm).

In China, it is priced between 189,800 and 269,800 yuan (RM120,418 and RM171,155) with incentives factored in. Note that China pricing tends to be on the lower side compared to export pricing.

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