2024 Lucid Gravity

2024 Lucid Gravity

Boutique EV manufacturer Lucid Motors is planning to release an SUV to complement its sedan model. Dubbed Gravity, the company is claiming that the vehicle will be, “a true next-generation luxury SUV” while promising, “more range than any other EV on the market – other than its stablemate, Lucid Air.”

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Lucid Motors is based in the United States with their manufacturing facility located just outside of Phoenix, Arizona. Its first vehicle, the Air, is a midsize sedan that entered production for the 2022 model year. Though priced closer to the upper end of the all-electric market, the company could easily justify it with some impressive specs, including up to 1,111 horsepower and up to 516 miles of driving range. The upcoming flagship Air Sapphire model is promising to deliver more than 1,200 horsepower with 0-60-mph acceleration of less than two seconds.

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2024 Lucid Gravity

2024 Lucid Gravity

Back to the Gravity, little has been revealed about this SUV. We expect it will borrow much of its underskin engineering and powertrains from the Air and come standard with all-wheel drive. Assuming a similar model structure, the base Pure grade will have 480 horsepower with the top-line Dream Edition checking in at 1,111. Since the Gravity will almost certainly be heavier than the Air, driving range will be less than the 410-516 miles of the sedan. Charging options should also carry over with 250 or 300 kilowatts available, depending on model selection, with the ability to replenish up to 200 miles in as little as 12-15 minutes.

The Gravity will have available seating for five, six, or seven passengers. It will also offer its own version of the Air’s “Glass Canopy,” which is an optional solid glass roof option. Instruments and controls should also mirror those of the Air, including ultra-high-resolution instrument and infotainment displays with up-to-date smartphone integration.

Lucid is expecting to take pre-orders later this spring, with deliveries starting in calendar 2024. Pricing will be revealed some time before production starts, though we wouldn’t be surprised to see a starting figure of around $100,000, with top-line versions exceeding $150,000.

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CG Says:

Lucid Motors has worked diligently to establish itself in the increasingly competitive EV marketplace. The Air stands out for its futuristic design, opulent interior, neck-snapping acceleration, and impressive driving range. We expect the Gravity to build upon this foundation while being markedly more practical. Time will tell if it has enough substance to win over high-end shoppers who might otherwise stick with more traditional luxury brands.

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2024 Lucid Gravity

2024 Lucid Gravity

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