It’s getting harder than ever to put on a good car show these days. In between the established events, growing anti-car sentiment in the world, and more and more young car groups trying to stake their place in the scene, genuinely interesting and novel shows are hard to come by.

I rather enjoy bringing you event coverage and spotlights from the cream of the European crop, but I’ve always got my ear to the ground, listening for whispers of new shows establishing themselves in amongst the giants.

One such ‘David’ amongst the car scene ‘Goliaths’ is Tucked, which I featured back in 2020 and 2021.

Since then I’ve been pleased to watch Tucked grow into a well-known name in the UK show circuit. Seeing as they had an interesting venue lined up for their 2023 show, I decided to blow the cobwebs off my beloved BMW, drive up and see what the craic was.

TATM 23 Coverage-125

Tucked at the Museum is held at the British Motor Museum in Gaydon, just behind the Jaguar Land Rover (now JLR) headquarters in Warwick. A far cry from the hotel carpark I visited three years ago, I was excited to see what TATM 2023 had to offer.

TATM 23 Extras-4

First, the museum itself, where a V8-powered Ariel Atom greets you on entry. A very strong start.

TATM 23 Extras-5

The Atom V8 is one of the ultimate automotive examples of the ‘because we can’ mantra. There is no sane reason for dropping a 500hp, 10,600rpm, flat-plane crank V8 into a semi-slicked shopping trolley. There doesn’t have to be either, it’s glorious.

TATM 23 Coverage-2

Just around the corner is the main exhibition hall, featuring a mix of British classics as well as some oddball creations and one-off prototypes.

TATM 23 Coverage-19

Be still my beating heart, a collection of heritage Jaguar race cars, lined up in one place.

As much as I’m a Beemer man I’m bewitched by Jaguar racers of old, so to see a selection ranging from the ’70s to the early-2000s under one roof is mind-blowing.

TATM 23 Coverage-9

The one-two punch of a Broadspeed Group 2 XJC 12 and IMSA Group 44 E-Type V12 left me floored.

TATM 23 Coverage-14

Historic footage of XJC 12s in battle against BMW 3.0 CSLs is burnt into my memory, and the sound of the V12 engines thundering around the track is simply phenomenal.

TATM 23 Coverage-13

The IMSA E-Type racer is a different beast in appearance. The arches are also pumped up, but whereas the XJC is brutish with its bluff nose and tall glasshouse, the E-Type is slippery and sleek with only the roll hoop and a shallow wind deflector protruding from the belt line.

TATM 23 Coverage-12

Both interiors can be described as functional…

TATM 23 Coverage-11

…Yet the XJC 12 retains a wood veneer dashboard. We mustn’t forget that this is a Jaaaag my dear reader, a luxurious GT car. Anything less than wood would be improper.

TATM 23 Coverage-32

If the road less travelled is more your bag, don’t worry. The museum has you covered with a display dedicated to Land Rover’s exemplary models. Whether you’re a fan of a pristine Range Rover…

TATM 23 Coverage-27

…Or one that’s seen a little more action, there’s plenty to choose from.

TATM 23 Coverage-31

Being a child of the ’90s, I have fond memories of magazine articles and TV shows about Land Rover’s introduction of the Range Rover Sport. Building on the hype of the ‘sporty’ Range Rover, the Range Stormer took the idea one step further. Its V8 engine, scissor doors, volcanic orange paint and ‘crushed ice’ taillights seared this fireball into a young Mario’s mind.

TATM 23 Coverage-30

The Range Stormer is my guilty pleasure when it comes to concept cars, and I have no shame in admitting it.

TATM 23 Coverage-35

‘But Mario, I want both a ballistic Jaguar powerplant and the go-anywhere ability of a Range Rover in one car.’

You really want your cake and to eat it, huh? Step this way…

TATM 23 Coverage-36

May I present you with this Group B pocket-rocket, the MG Metro 6R4. Jaguar XJ220 twin-turbo V6 in the middle, four-wheel drive and enough suspension travel to clear a lot of ground, this certainly fits the brief. Was the 6R4 particularly successful at rallying? No, not really. Is it particularly attractive? Not in my eyes. But is it cool? Yes, very much so.

With my museum tour completed, it was on to Tucked itself…

TATM 23 Coverage-40
TATM 23 Coverage-46

What I’ve always enjoyed about Tucked events is the breadth of cars on display. Take their own stand, for example. An Air Lift Performance-equipped A90 Toyota Supra with lashings of carbon fibre and Work Meister wheels parked next to one of the cleanest VW Sciroccos I’ve ever seen.

TATM 23 Coverage-48

Brad Pajak’s Scirocco is so clean in fact that it deserves its own spotlight, and that’ll be coming to you soon.

TATM 23 Coverage-56

This S14 Nissan 200SX certainly changed the tone up, and it’s a good example of a car changing hands in the scene and evolving in style and taste. In previous ownership, this was a very low, Nardo Grey-painted S14 on a set of wide split rims. Now it’s been raised up, wearing a livery that pays homage to period-correct drift cars, and is fitted with a set of Nismo LMGT4 wheels shod in semi-slicks.

I saw this Nissan driving locally to me in London a few days before TATM 2023, and I heard it nearly bashing the limiter, out of my line of sight. It seems as though the current owner is really making use of that large Garrett turbocharger.

TATM 23 Coverage-96

New BMWs are visually challenging vehicles, having cast aside generations of design language in favour of simply shocking buyers into dealerships. The F87 BMW M2 is, to me, one of the last truly handsome cars to come from the Bavarian marque.

TATM 23 Coverage-99

Laid out on Air Lift Performance suspension, the subtle lip kit and Work Meisters tucked under the arches do create one very well-rounded package.

TATM 23 Coverage-122

Ahh, the age-old question: ‘Is it bagged or static?’ 

A strong turnout of Japanese cars is always nice to see, especially when they’re JDM-only examples. We really do love a quirky or rare car over here in the UK, whether it’s from the Far East or from across the Atlantic Ocean.

TATM 23 Coverage-162

I certainly wasn’t expecting to see an ex-race NASCAR Truck Series Chevrolet Silverado outside the museum entrance though. I’m convinced that no matter where your ‘main’ interest in cars lie, be it German, Japanese or Italian supercars, everybody has a soft spot for a ridiculously big V8 muscle car.

TATM 23 Coverage-144

This year’s edition of Tucked at the Museum featured a burnout competition in a cordoned-off section of the venue, with pre-selected applicants competing to see who could make the most smoke.

TATM 23 Coverage-140

The BMW M235i made a valiant effort, but I think the Dodge Challenger took the prize on this day.

TATM 23 Coverage-143

The owner was certainly committed, and his friend made a nice little souvenir to remember the day by after he was done.

Alongside the burnouts, there was live music on stage, historic race footage in the museum cinema, and a rolling road – plenty of entertainment for the spectators alongside the show cars themselves.

TATM 23 Coverage-80

Diversity is key to a good, well-rounded event, and it’s nice to see Lee and the Tucked team putting in the effort to maintain the casual, chilled-out vibe which was so appealing with their smaller shows and events over the years.

TATM 23 Coverage-65

The choice of venue for TATM 2023 was a great one, with the displays inside making a nice change to the usual modified fare parked in the show itself.

TATM 23 Coverage-161

Tucked has grown into a very pleasant show to visit for the day, which is nice to see from its humble beginnings all those years ago.

TATM 23 Coverage-154

It’s hard to put on a good car show these days, but events like Tucked give hope to younger generations of enthusiasts. For as long as we’re modifying cars, people with a passion to bring our community together will find ways to do so.

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