Sadly, all you need is piles of cash to own a supercar, driving skill isn’t mandatory.

That’s what one Lamborghini Huracan owner discovered last night in Sydney when they crashed their Huracan supercar into a car dealership where a Ford Falcon was upended as the driver fled the scene.

The crash occurred on Parramatta Road with the driver fleeing the scene after crashing into three vehicles at around 9:30PM last night.

Attending fire crews from Fire and Rescue NSW Station 016 Concord said that the Ford Falcon the Lamborghini driver crashed into had an LPG system and needed to be made safe prior to the Lamborghini being pulled off the vehicle.

With a top speed of around 300km/h, it’s not hard to see how the V10-powered supercar got up to pace, but it’s pretty clear the driver was driving well beyond their capabilities as the crash unfolded.

Police confirmed to News Limited that “inquiries are underway”.

“The driver of the sports car had left the scene prior to police arrival and inquiries are continuing,” a spokesperson said.

“There’s been no reports of injuries at this time.”

Should owning a supercar require a special licence?

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