Isuzu Motors Limited is tapping Honda Motor Company for hydrogen fuel-cell technology it plans to use in an upcoming heavy-duty truck, due in 2027.

Both companies signed an agreement in January 2020 on the basis of sharing research on fuel-cell powertrains for heavy-duty trucks.

The companies are touting the as-yet unrevealed truck as a zero-emission alternative that offers a large load capacity and long distances between (quick) refuelling stops.

Honda Motor Company and Isuzu Motors Limited are planning to begin prototype testing of its upcoming trucks on public roads by the end of March 2024.

Isuzu won’t be the first company to release a hydrogen-powered truck, with Hyundai gearing up to trial its hydrogen fuel-cell Xcient heavy-duty truck in Australia.

The extra-large truck is currently being driven in Switzerland and California.

It’s worth noting that governments along the eastern seaboard of Australia are collaborating to create a renewable hydrogen refuelling superhighway to support fuel-cell trucks.

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