Audi Recognition Plan offered by PHSAM – service, repair support for parallel import vehicles in Malaysia

Official Audi distributor in Malaysia, PHS Automotive Malaysia (PHSAM) has launched the Audi Recognition Plan to bring support for parallel-import Audi vehicles in the country.

Being an official distributor offering, The Audi Recognition Plan brings genuine parts, maintenance, repair and service procedures to ensure the best possible performance and safety, and depending on the evaluation results for a given vehicle, the package will include Audi Plus, Audi Insurance Plan, Audi Repair Package and Beyond Economic Repair Support.

To be eligible for the Audi Recognition Plan, vehicles purchased from parallel importers must first be evaluated by a complimentary, 300-point Audi Condition Check at any Audi Centre.

As part of the Audi Recognition Plan, Audi Plus offers savings on service, repair, parts and maintenance for vehicles aged five years and older. Upon signing up, owners receive three vouchers which are applicable over a period of three years, entitling them to 10% off service maintenance and 12 months of Audi Roadside Assistance coverage from the date of voucher redemption.

Audi Recognition Plan offered by PHSAM – service, repair support for parallel import vehicles in Malaysia

Joining this is the Audi Insurance Plan, which brings comprehensive coverage and benefits include prioritised claim approval, 12 months of complimentary Audi Roadside Assistance for cars more than five years old.

This comes with assurance that work is carried out at authorised Audi body and paint centres by qualified technicians, in accordance with global Audi standards and using only genuine parts. Insurance partners are Allianz General Insurance, MSIG Insurance, Etiqa General Takaful and Zurich General Takaful Malaysia.

These are joined by the Audi Repair Package, which provides a 30% discount on items such as the brake set, absorber set, bearing set and timing belt. This package is for vehicles six year of age or older.

Last but not least, the Audi Recognition Plan includes Beyond Economic Repair Support, which offers a 20% discount on selected parts for vehicles which have been severely damaged due to untoward incidents. This is part of Audi’s commitment to owners who want to restore their vehicles, says Audi, after the vehicles have been through a proper assessment by a trained body and paint partner before any repair work commences.

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