A preview of larger Mustangs.

Ford Mustang Milano
Ford Mustang Milano

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Ford Mustang Milano

First Shown: 1970 Chicago Auto Show

Description: Mustang-themed design exercise

Sales Pitch: “Most radical Mustang, yet!”

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Ford Mustang Milano
Mustang Milano


First seen at the 1970 Chicago Auto Show, the Ford Mustang Milano Concept served as a styling bridge between then current Mustangs, and the coming freshened and upsized 1971 model. Seen here in Ultra Violet paint, the cabin, for which images are scares, was reportedly also outfitted in purple hues.

Cool features included color-changing taillights, and a then-novel power-operated rear hatch. The Milano Concept is credited with influencing the design of the 1973 Australian-market Falcon XB coupe, which was featured in the 1979 theatrical release, “Mad Max.”

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Ford Mustang Milano
Mustang Milano

CG Says:

Unfortunately for Ford, the Milano Concept did a better of hiding its size than the 1971 Production ‘Stang. Interestingly, as the muscle-era began to wane, Ford made no mention of the Milano’s power or performance. While the Milano succeeded as a styling exercise, it did little stave off the Mustang’s size and weight gain, which would go unchecked until the Mustang was fully redesigned around Ford Pinto compact-car architecture.

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