Italian design house Pininfarina recently launched its own EV brand whose first model is the 1,874-hp Battista hypercar.

The company now plans to focus on higher volume models including an SUV previewed by the Pura Vision concept.

The Pura Vision was revealed to the public for the first time on Tuesday and is set to make a formal debut later this month during Monterey Car Week in California. An early version of the concept was shown privately during 2019 Monterey Car Week to potential buyers and some media, including Motor Authority.

As the name suggests, the concept was shaped under the principles of Pininfarina’s Pura design language. Italian for “pure,” the Pura design language is all about design purity, where form and function are one and the same.

The front end is very low and sleek for an SUV, and features hidden headlights as well as thin daytime running lights that rely on nanofiber technology. The actual headlights are hidden within the wide air intake running along the leading edge of the hood.

The standout feature of the Pura Vision is its glasshouse whose design was directly inspired by the 1953 Alfa Romeo 6C 3000 Superflow concept. Instead of a traditional frame, the Pura Vision’s roof features a fixed center section known as the Biscotto, which links with the windscreen at the front and the tailgate at the rear. This so-called Biscotto also supports large curved glass windows forming the rest of the cabin. The windows are hinged at the Biscotto, and in combination with pillarless doors, form a wide opening for easy egress and ingress.

Pininfarina Pura Vision concept

Pininfarina Pura Vision concept

Inside, a minimalist cabin greets the driver and passengers. Digital screens serve as the instrument cluster and infotainment hub, with many of the vehicle’s controls integrated with the latter. The seats have been inspired by yacht design, specifically the foil of a sailboat, while the center console is meant to resemble the boom of a sail, according to Pininfarina.

The Pura Vision isn’t a small vehicle. Measuring 205 inches long, it’s about six inches longer than a Range Rover. Its width is 84.5 inches, including the side mirrors, which in this case are tiny cameras mounted to aluminum rails running along the edge of the roof.

Pininfarina Pura Vision concept

Pininfarina Pura Vision concept

No details on the powertrain have been mentioned but during the 2019 showing, Pininfarina told MA that the production version would offer up to 1,000 hp and use an off-the-shelf modular platform. Pininfarina did the same with its Battista whose platform was sourced from Rimac.

Monterey Car week runs Aug. 11-20. Pininfarina will also use the event for the local debut of its Battista Edizione Nino Farina special edition, as well as a production-bound model also designed under the principles of the Pura design language. Pininfarina described the mystery model as a ”different proposition” to the Pura Vision, suggesting it might not be an SUV. Pininfarina in 2019 hinted at a lineup of five models including a sedan, coupe, and convertible, as well as an SUV and Battista hypercar.

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