The Porsche Taycan will be thoroughly updated for the 2025 model year, with most variants set to receive more power and range. The update will also include the introduction of a new performance flagship rumored to be called the Taycan Turbo GT, and Porsche this week confirmed the car’s debut for March 11.

A shadowy teaser photo shows a large wing at the rear, suggesting the car is the track-ready version that Porsche in January said had clocked a Nürburgring lap time of 7:07.55. Porsche development driver Lars Kern, who set the blistering lap time, will be on hand to present the new flagship at next week’s debut.

The lap time is roughly 18 seconds quicker than the time set by the Tesla Model S Plaid with its available Track Package, and painfully close to the 7:05:298 lap record for production EVs at the ‘Ring set by the Rimac Nevera hypercar. The Rimac packs close to 2,000 hp and only seats two, though. It also costs a couple of million dollars.

Details for the new flagship haven’t been announced, but the car’s output is thought to be around 1,000 hp. Its price tag will likely be closer to $250,000 than to seven figures.

New version of the Porsche Taycan sets 7:07.55 Nürburgring lap time

New version of the Porsche Taycan sets 7:07.55 Nürburgring lap time

Porsche showed the rest of the updated 2025 Taycan range in February and confirmed at the time that the Taycan Turbo S, currently the most potent variant in the range, will have an output of 938 hp, up 188 hp on the current rating.

Porsche also confirmed at the time that pricing for the 2025 Taycan range will top out at $210,995, though that likely doesn’t include the new flagship.

Sales of the 2025 Taycan range start this summer. It isn’t clear if the flagship will be available at the launch.

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