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Image: Superfast Matt on YouTube

Former Jalopnik contributor and all-around good guy Matt Brown has a bunch of really cool project cars and an even better YouTube channel. It could be argued that he has too many project cars, because he doesn’t finish a lot of them. But the off-road Viper that he’s been working on for a little over a year is finally on the road. If you haven’t been keeping up with Matt’s Viper project, you’ve been missing out. It’s time to go back and watch every absurd little detail that was necessary to change in order to make this ridiculous project a reality.

The Off-Road Viper Is On The Road

One of the best things about Matt and his Superfast on-camera persona is his extremely dry brand of humor, which plays out very well in his car videos. Clearly he has a lust for life and a zest that many of us lack in the modern world, as he’s basically making my childhood HotWheels collection of oddities come to life in 1:1 scale, but his unwavering delivery and subtle jokes bely the wonder and creativity going on behind those artificially dead eyes.

Instead of finishing his 250cc-swapped Honda Grom, bike-engine Honda S600, land speed racing streamliner, Tesla-swapped Jaguar, super scooter, Smart ForTwo, or overlanding Toyota 4Runner, he’s recently been spending the lion’s share of his time working on this inadvisably dumb, but also incredibly cool as all hell, lifted Viper. Is that a smart decision? I don’t know, and Matt probably doesn’t either. But it’s worth watching the lightly-organized chaos either way.

You can see all of his videos about building custom suspension, 3D scanning, custom driveshafts, custom shifters, custom oil pans, cutting bumpers apart and building new ones. Go do it. Now. You won’t regret it.

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