The Ghost might be Rolls-Royce’s smaller, “entry-level” car, but those words don’t mean much when referring to the storied British automaker. With an almost $350,000 starting price, the Ghost is nearly as exclusive as its larger counterparts, but the recently announced Prism model will be even harder to get.

Rolls said it would produce just 120 units of the car to celebrate its 120th anniversary in 2024, though it’s unclear how many are already sold. As these things typically go, high-value clients and famous people tend to get the first crack at exclusive models, as they’re meant to be rolling advertisements for the brand. Last year was the brand’s best ever, as it moved more than 6,000 vehicles in 2023, with America and record growth in the Middle East leading the charge.

The automaker’s demo car came in Gunmetal gray, which it said took 16 hours of hand polishing and a ten-step process that involves four layers of paint application. A high-gloss black-gray color is applied to the grille and trunk lid, which involves polishing the paints to such a high-gloss finish that they appear metallic. The dark colors highlighted with bolder hues are meant to convey the appearance of a prism, hence the car’s name.

Buyers can choose between four accent colors: Forge Yellow, Mandarin, Phoenix Red, and Mandarin. The color is applied to the brake calipers, lower bumper inserts and coachline, which Rolls said is a styling element that ties together the “mechanical, aerodynamic, and sculptural elements of Ghost.” Inside, the car gets Rolls-Royce’s famous Starlight Headliner with 1,040 individual LED “stars” across the interior roof.

While these exclusive features are selling points for the Ghose Prism, Rolls said buyers still get access to its entire catalog of colors, materials, and options. Most people extend the automaker’s already extreme purchase prices by several thousand dollars, pushing the average purchase price far above what we see on paper.

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