Victoria Police has been left red-faced after one of their most senior members was caught speeding a month ago.

Glenn Weir, Victoria’s Road Policing Assistant Commissioner, was snapped by a hidden speed camera on February 29, travelling at 58km/h in a 50km/h zone.

Mr Weir was driving an unmarked police vehicle and was on the way to a meeting at the time. He claims he thought he was driving on a road with a 60km/h speed limit.

The senior Victoria Police member has announced he will accept the $337 fine and single demerit point penalty, despite being eligible to have the charge downgraded to a warning on account of his good driving record.

“I take full responsibility for this error and am mortified it has occurred,” Mr Weir said.

“I’ve spent my entire career advocating for road safety and this incident proves nobody is immune from making a mistake on the road.

“No matter how far over the limit, all speeding is unacceptable. For someone in my position this is especially true.

“I am truly sorry.”

Victoria Police has long argued speed is one of the leading causes of car crashes.

The state’s road toll has risen by almost 12 per cent from February 2023 to February 2024, with 282 deaths on the state’s roads recorded across the 12 months – an increase compared to the 267 fatalities in the same period the year prior.

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