Ultimate Dubs 2024 was one for the books. By now you have probably seen Mario’s main event story and his spotlights on a slammed Mercedes-Benz 190 E 2.5-16, sublime Mk1 Volkswagen Golf, and stunning Audi Sport Quattro S1 E2 recreation. If not, I suggest you check them all out.

Today, I want to share one of my standouts from the show – a car that has been around for a few years but continues to impress and inspire wherever it goes. James Rudland’s Outlaw Racers Porsche 356 Coupé.

Speedhunters Outlaw 356 SC-27

A 356 like no other, James’ car – which features a fibreglass body draped over a T1-based chassis – showcases immense attention to detail.

Speedhunters Outlaw 356 SC-2

In creating this Outlaw-style 356, James didn’t rush the design process. He meticulously planned out each stage of the build, using his visual skills as a professional photographer to produce something that stands out in a sea of other Porsche builds and looks interesting from all angles.

From the moment James had the vision, there was no stopping him. Customised from front to back and top to bottom, his 356 Outlaw is a true statement piece.

Speedhunters Outlaw 356 SC-4

Bodywork was entrusted to Specialist Paintworks, who laid down the custom green hue. It’s not a colour you would normally associate with an Outlaw Porsche build – they’re often silver or black – but it works so well.

From the yellow headlights with chrome mesh stone guards to the gold-centred wheels, every last detail is considered.

Speedhunters Outlaw 356 SC-11

Speaking of wheels, Gekrenzert in Germany looked after their custom rebuild. Starting with French-made Tramont TY-1 centres, the specs now read 16×5.5-inch ET43 at the front with zero lips, and 16×6.6-inch ET30 out back with stepped lips.

Speedhunters Outlaw 356 SC-28

Pulling the whole look together is a custom suspension setup from EvaResto. Along with a narrowed beam, an air ride system using Air Lift Performance management allows the 356 to lay right down on its belly.

Speedhunters Outlaw 356 SC-13

It’s still low at driving height but can soak up the bumps with ease. That’s important too, as there’s a red-hot motor sitting out back.

The 2,276cc Volkswagen engine built by Herbert Performance Company in Nevada, USA features Superflow cylinder heads, an SLR XR310 cam, and modified 44mm IDF carburettors. All told the flat-four is good for 180hp, which is a lot for this small, lightweight coupé. Backing it up is a Pro-Street swing-axle gearbox running a 3.88 ratio.

Speedhunters Outlaw 356 SC-20

That leaves the interior, which has been given the full custom treatment too. SJ Bowles Coach Trimming is responsible for a lot of the work, and lush diamond-stitched leather trim can be found wrapped all around the cabin, the fuel tank in the frunk, and even the engine bay.

Speedhunters Outlaw 356 SC-16
Speedhunters Outlaw 356 SC-8

I love the raw aluminium seats, which before being converted for use in this build with custom leather bottom squabs lived another life in a Westland Lynx military helicopter.

The twin Breitling stopwatches are a classy touch too, as is the custom steering wheel.

Speedhunters Outlaw 356 SC-1

When this 356 isn’t commanding attention and winning awards at numerous car shows, you can sometimes spot it soaking up the miles on British roads – something James plans to do more often this year.

Looking back on the build and show appearances, a favourite moment that stands out to James was when his Outlaw 356 took one of the 10 main awards at the 2023 Risenation Hall Of Fame. Every year, that event attracts some of the best modified show cars in Europe, so winning is a real testament to the thought, work and attention to detail that has gone into this stunning build.

Samuel Cherry
Instagram: samgcherry

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