9-year-old police car crash

A 9-year-old with an apparent “fuck the police” vibe in Northern California decided to – while driving a Volkswagen Jetta to his school – smash into a California Highway Patrol vehicle and lead cops on a car chase. It was a busy Wednesday for the little guy. One police officer called it a “scene straight out of a movie.”

CHP officer in Oroville, California posted a rundown of the whole ordeal on Facebook. They said that at around 9:20 a.m. an officer saw a gray VW sedan that “stopped oddly in the middle of an intersection.” When cops told them to move, the car sped off, leading to a “short and erratic chase” that eventually ended in a dirt parking lot east of the elementary school the kid was trying to get to. Then, the 9-year-old threw the Jetta in reverse and crashed into the cop’s Ford Explorer patrol car, damaging both vehicles.

9-year-old police car crash

Here’s what happened next, according to the Oroville CHP:

Upon making contact, the officer was met with the wide-eyed 9-year-old child, who had taken his mother’s car with the intention of driving himself to school.

We are relieved to report that no one was injured in this incident. The child was safely sent to school after the necessary authorities were alerted and the situation was documented.

9-year-old police car crash

Terry Dunn, a CHP officer, told KCBS-AM that it was “one of those [situations where] no one really believed it, turned out to be a 9-year-old child sticking his head out, saying, ‘I’m trying to get to school.’”

I’m sorry, but can you even imagine how cool that kid must have felt, walking into school, knowing he just crashed into a cop car? That’s the stuff of legends. Honestly, I think Jalopnik should offer this kid a job right now.

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