Touch ‘n Go launches special Raya edition TnG Enhanced NFC card design and ketupat-shaped charm

Touch ‘n Go has launhed two special edition TnG Enhanced NFC products for this year’s Hari Raya season.

The first is a TnG Enhanced NFC card with a Raya design. This is offered as an exclusive collaboration with Shopee so you cannot get it at their Lazada store.

The second product is a ketupat-shaped TnG Enhanced NFC charm. It is like a card but in a different shape, so you can use for public transport, parking and TnG lanes at tolls, but the downside is you cannot insert it into a SmartTAG because it is not shaped like a card.

TnG says with every purchase of the ‘ketupat’ charm, RM2 will be contributed to the needy.

TnG has offered various other charm designs in the past such as gingerbread man for Christmas, an ‘oyen’ cat likely just because Malaysians love oyens, and a dragon for Chinese New Year.

If you’re interested you can find the links below:

TnG Enhanced NFC Raya card on Shopee
TnG Enhanced NFC Raya ‘ketupat’ charm on Shopee
TnG Enhanced NFC Raya ‘ketupat’ charm on Lazada

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