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Mitsuoka, maker of odd body kits for Japanese cars, has long had a reputation for designs that are perhaps not stellar. But that reputation is dated, the company’s evolved, and the updated Ryugi EX is just the latest point of proof.

The Ryugi takes a Corolla — a Japanese-market Corolla that looks less interesting than our U.S.-market hatches, at that — and converts it into something absolutely weird. How often do you see round lights and vertical grilles like these on the road? The Ryugi is unique, and for that alone it’s good.

The Orochi was not the peak of automotive design, sure. I’ll admit that. The Buddy, though, was a massive step in the right direction. Then we got the Rock Star, and the M55, and suddenly Mitsuoka started to look like a house of genuine design talent.

Mitsuoka’s bread and butter, though, isn’t converting modern cars to look like classic American models. The company has always seemed more interested in old British styling, aping old Jags or MGs, and the Ryugi continues in that tradition.

If we want cars to look weird, if we want automakers to take chances on styling, it helps to commend the folks out there who actually design cars with out-there aesthetics. Good on you, Mitsuoka. Keep making those Ryugis.

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