Second driver compulsory for express buses travelling on a trip exceeding 300 km or four hours, says JPJ

It is compulsory for express buses travelling on a trip of more than 300 km to have a second driver for the safety of passengers. As reported by The Star, Penang road transport department (JPJ) director Zulkifly Ismail said this requirement also applies to journeys exceeding four hours to ensure drivers get enough rest, reducing the risk of accidents, especially fatal ones.

“Express buses on journeys exceeding 300 km require a second driver, but many express bus operators fail to provide this. The normal reason we get is that the second driver will take over at the next terminal, but the rules stipulate that two drivers are required when starting the journey,” said Zulkifly. Companies that fail to comply with regulations will face legal action, including being prohibited from operating.

Zulkifly added that during a special Hari Raya operation conducted from April 1 at the Penang Sentral Bus Terminal, a total of 121 buses were inspected, with action taken against five found not to have a second driver.

In addition to express buses, the operation targeted offence commonly committed by road users, including speeding, running red lights and improper lane changes. “Overall, a total of 4,553 vehicles were inspected and 1,377 summonses were issued for various offences, with action taken against 790 vehicles, 37 of them were confiscated,” said Zulkifly.

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