With a social media handle like “thestolenz06” and a sign that reads “WillRuN” in place of a rear license plate, it surprises no one that the man allegedly behind the handle and behind the wheel of the flame-spitting 2018 C7 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 has been arrested. Carlos Clark was arrested late last month in the Charlotte, North Carolina area after intentionally hitting a police patrol vehicle and fleeing, according to Mecklenburg District Court documents.

The videos on “thestolenZ06” social media accounts across Instagram and TikTok have amassed over 20 million views and include videos of the Z06 speeding through traffic, driving on the shoulder to dodge traffic, running from traffic stops, and fleeing in highway pursuits. While the Z06 wasn’t actually stolen, Clark wasn’t exactly playing by the rules, either. According to Road & Track,

Arrest records show Clark was arrested on March 28 on a litany of felony and misdemeanor charges including eluding arrest with a motor vehicle, reckless driving, assault with a deadly weapon, and trafficking in marijuana. Detectives with the CMPD also reportedly executed a search warrant of Clark’s home and seized his Corvette Z06, hundreds of pounds of marijuana products, four firearms including an AK-47, and $1,950 in cash.

Detectives within the Operation Scarlet (Stolen Car and Recovery Law Enforcement Team) unit of the CMPD first became aware of Clark and the Corvette as a result of his social media presence, according to WBTV. Once officials determined the vehicle was not stolen, they turned their focus on apprehending the driver, who allegedly fled from police multiple times. Late last week, the CMPD posted about the seized Corvette and paraphernalia on X, though the post has since been deleted. Representatives from the CMPD did not immediately respond to requests for comment from Road & Track.

Notably, this is not Clark’s first run-in with authorities. Clark was previously arrested for felonious eluding with a motor vehicle by the Cornelius Police Department, according to a jail record from May 2023. In the most recent case, however, Clark posted the $20,000 secured bond on the same day he was arrested and is back to posting online. In the comments of his most recent post, the Stolen Z06 disputed the allegations made by CMPD, “…They literally took it down because it’s not true, they just wanted to put a face on it.”

Listen up kids, it’s not cool to record yourself evading police officers and share it with millions of people across the internet. In fact, it’s probably one of the dumbest ways to get yourself arrested. Reckless driving doesn’t just impact the person behind the wheel, it can have devastating consequences for innocent road goers, and it’s a good thing nobody got hurt that we know of.

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