Honda Beat project car front 3/4 view

Screenshot: Gingium on YouTube

The YouTube channel known simply (and mysteriously) as Gingium started over a decade ago as a game streaming channel. It took the channel more than two years of constant posting to reach 10,000 subscribers, but after a slow pivot to enthusiast car projects around eight years ago, the Georgia-based channel blossomed and currently sits at just over 677,000. If you aren’t one of those people sub’d to the channel, you probably should. This guy has built just about everything himself, from a lifted Miata and a 10-second quarter-mile sleeper Volvo to a turbocharged Honda Fit and a Lexus-powered drift truck.

Recently he’s been building out a workshop, and I appreciate construction projects almost as much as car projects. It’s good video, you should watch it.

DEEP CLEANING a 23 Year Old Mechanic Shop (Extremely Satisfying)

You didn’t think I’d mention a drift truck and leave you hanging, did you? This thing has a supercharged 1UZ V8 and seems like it gets pretty damn rowdy.

FIRST DRIFT EVENT In The Supercharged 1UZ Drift Truck! It’s INCREDIBLE!

My favorite project is the turbocharged daily-driver Honda Fit. The Fit is such a versatile car, and with a bit more power from a snail on the motor it might just be the perfect daily/track machine.

I Turbocharged My Daily Driver And Took It To The Dyno

In the most recent video from the channel, you can watch a motorcycle exhaust get custom-fitted to a Honda Beat. The Beat is arguably the coolest Honda ever (don’t fight me on this) and with its 9,000-RPM three-cylinder engine, it really needs to sound louder and more like a motorcycle. Even if it’s still absurdly slow while making all of that racket.

I Built The World’s BEST SOUNDING EXHAUST For My Bike Powered Kei Car!

Head over to the channel and check it out. Maybe just start with the turbocharged LS6-powered Volvo wagon build playlist. Sometimes, YouTube is good.

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