Chery Omoda 5 viral brake issue – car inspected by Puspakom, no issues found, results shown to owner

Here’s an update from Chery Malaysia regarding the post about an Omoda 5 with brake issues, claimed by a customer in a video that has since gone viral on social media. It follows an acknowledgement by the company on April 7, where Chery said that it is in touch with the customer.

Chery says that the affected Omoda 5 was tested by both its technical team as well as Puspakom, and no issues were found. “Our highly skilled technical team conducted a thorough investigation on her vehicle which she claimed had faulty brakes. Additionally, the vehicle was also sent to Puspakom, whereby a comprehensive examination was conducted by the vehicle inspection company, for an impartial assessment,” Chery Malaysia said in a statement.

“At Puspakom, the 10-point inspection was performed, which includes a brake test, to evaluate efficiency, dynamic imbalance, run-out, residual force, and parking brake to ensure optimal braking performance. All inspections carried out by both Chery Auto Malaysia’s team and Puspakom have returned no adverse findings, confirming that the said vehicle is indeed safe, and the brake system is satisfactory as indicated in the Puspakom test result,” it added.

Chery Omoda 5 viral brake issue – car inspected by Puspakom, no issues found, results shown to owner

The company says that the customer has been informed of the findings and Chery has provided her with a “comprehensive report detailing the findings of all our inspections”.

“Chery Group, including Chery Auto Malaysia, prioritises safety above all else. All Chery products distributed in more than 80 countries meet the highest standards before delivery to our customers, reflecting our commitment to their safety and satisfaction,” the statement said, adding that the Omoda 5 – a global model introduced in April 2023 – has sold over 130,000 units in overseas markets as of March 2024.

To recap, the affected customer shared a video on Facebook saying that her Omoda 5 “just got out of service centre now and suddenly no brake on the highway”. In the video – which was shot in the driver’s seat as the car was on the side of a highway – the customer sounded emotional and said that her two-month old SUV has been in and out of the service centre a few times.

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