Letting go of something that has been in the family for years can be tough for anyone.

This 1989 Volvo 740 GLT, which I came across at the 2024 Elmia Custom Motor Show, belongs to Viktor Persson, a 33-year-old service technician from Trelleborg, Sweden. Viktor’s grandfather purchased the car in 1993 and drove it until he passed away in 2007. It was sold shortly after.


Viktor can vividly remember spending time with his grandfather in the 740, and ever since it left the family, he was eager to buy it back. In 2020, after speaking with the then-current owners and carefully explaining how much the car meant to him, the 740 GLT became his.


In the four years since then, the Volvo has undergone some major changes. The most obvious update is in the engine bay.


Where there was once a 2.3L Volvo engine now sits a 3.0L BMW M60B30 V8 from a BMW 530 E34, which has been refurbished to look brand new. To keep things nice and simple, Viktor has kept the engine naturally aspirated, but he has plans to add boost into the equation in the future.


The BMW engine looks right at home in the Volvo’s bay, but the work required to fit it was challenging. The mounts and gearbox cross-member were custom-made by ASS in Sweden. The manifold and radiator hoses were also one-offs, while the cooler was specifically designed for this car by DO88 Performance.


Power finds its way to the rear wheels via a BMW ZF transmission from an E46 330d.


Viktor’s other project, a Toyota Supra that he displayed at Elmia last year, has fairly simple exterior modifications, and the same approach has been taken here.

The front and rear bumpers, side skirts and winglet are all made from fiberglass and are faithfully modelled off the add-on kit that Volvo offered in period for the 740. Finally, a fresh coat of Volvo 601 Classic Red was laid down.


The Speedline Mistral 3-piece wheels – Viktor’s favorite aspect of the car – measure 17×8-inch in the front and 17×9-inch out back.


The simplicity continues into the Volvo’s cabin, which is my favorite part of the build.


The Recaro front seats came from a Ford Sierra RS Cosworth and, like the original rear Volvo bench, have been retrimmed in red suede and black leather. Viktor has also added an MKM Motorsport short shifter and a Sparco steering wheel.


If you peek over the back seat you will see the hard lines that lead up to the air tank and twin Viair air compressors of the Air Lift Performance suspension system.


For Viktor, this car holds such sentimental value that getting into it, turning the key and stepping on the gas, awakens those cherished memories of his late grandfather.

Alen Haseta
Instagram: hazetaa

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