Saga attempts reversing back to exit ramp on highway, nearly causes three-car pile-up – avoid doing this

If it isn’t driving against traffic, it’s reversing into it. We’re sure you’ve seen it before on highways, that car stopped on the road, usually on the emergency lane, slowly making a crawl rearwards in an effort to get to the exit ramp missed earlier. Dangerous? You bet. Illegal? For sure.

That doesn’t stop some drivers from trying, in the process not just halting traffic flow but also putting other road users at risk. In an incident that happened earlier this week, a driver in a Proton Saga Aeroback nearly caused an accident when attempting to reverse back a two-lane expressway towards an exit ramp. As it neared the exit, it had to do so on the left lane of the highway, effectively a static object on a traffic lane.

At that point, a Honda HR-V on the same lane caught up with the errant vehicle, and managed to brake to a complete stop. A Proton X50 following behind would have rear ended the Honda had the driver, who was not expecting traffic to stop suddenly on the free-moving route – not swung his vehicle out to the fast lane.

Dashcams caught the whole scene – which unfolded very quickly – in a TikTok post by eazyizzuddin, and it’s amazing that the whole thing didn’t end up with a three-car collision because of one stupid act. The Saga driver seemed unrepentant, having using hand signals to indicate his objective of wanting to contine reversing towards the exit ramp.

If you miss an exit, you’ll just have to do so at the next one. Sure, it’ll cost you more drive time, but surely that’s better than ending up not making it to where you wanted to go in the first place. In any case, it’s against the law to do so.

Under Section 42 (1) of the Road Transport Act (Amendment) 2020, such action constitutes reckless and dangerous driving, and those convicted can be punished by a fine and imprisonment as well as be disqualified from holding or obtaining a driving license for a good period.

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