The day before thousands of people converged on London for Petrolheadonism Underground 2024, there was a hive of activity at the Wembley Park venue as everyone involved applied the event’s finishing touches.

Given the size of it, with around 1,000 cars across all genres on show, there was plenty for them to do – and plenty for me to see before the doors opened the next morning.

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I made the most of my early access on this final set-up day and picked out a few highlights to share with you.

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The weekend show was split over two different locations within Wembley Park, and sitting centre stage in the heart of the event was a stunning Lamborghini Sesto Elemento – one of only 10 built.

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Constructed with a lot of carbon fibre, the Sesto Elemento tips the scales at just 999kg (2,202lb). That figure, coupled with the 562hp developed from its Gallardo Superleggera-spec 5.2L V10 engine, provides the Sesto with a power-to-weight ratio of 1hp per 1.77kg.

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After taking in the rawness of the Sesto Elemento, it was time for me to reflect on the Lamborghini Murciélago’s timeless design. While the Sesto’s bodywork looks like it has been stretched over an angular exoskeleton and is ready to attack, the Murciélago’s exterior flows smoothly. This particular Murciélago is owned by Ciro Ciampi, the CEO and founder of Petrolheadonism.

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Seeing one of Ken Block’s cars in person brings out a range of emotions. Block’s RX43 Ford Fiesta Global Rallycross/Gymkhana car is now owned by world champion dirt racer – and YouTuber – Mark McCann, who drove the car at last year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed.

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Meandering past the supercars, my eyes were drawn to the array of modified vehicles on show. Out of all the cars at Petrolheadonism Underground 2024, this eye-catching Volvo 240 DL running on air suspension really stood to me. The attention to detail is phenomenal, and the owner has struck a brilliant balance between retro styling and modern modification. An example being the custom split wheels, which brings the whole car together.

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All Fast and Furious franchise fans will recognise this 350Z. While it’s not one of the screen-used cars from the third movie – Tokyo Drift – it is a nicely done, semi-accurate replica, complete with a genuine Veilside body kit.

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It wasn’t the only Fast and Furious-inspired build on show either.

Speedhunters Enzo and F50 Petrolheadonism Undergound Samuel Cherry-10
Speedhunters Enzo and F50 Petrolheadonism Undergound Samuel Cherry-4

If there was one ‘pinch me’ moment at Petrolheadonism Underground 2024, it would have to be when I saw this pair. Seeing a Ferrari Enzo or F50 individually is a rare occurrence, so when you’re presented with both in the same place simultaneously, it takes a few moments to get your head around things.

Speedhunters Enzo and F50 Petrolheadonism Undergound Samuel Cherry-11
Speedhunters Enzo and F50 Petrolheadonism Undergound Samuel Cherry-2

Both these statement pieces from Ferrari were injected with the Formula 1 technology from their respective eras. For example, the heart of the F50 is a direct descendent of the engine used to power Ferrari F1 cars in the ’90s. The Enzo, meanwhile, features an integrated F1-inspired nose cone and a steering wheel with F1-style buttons and sequential LED shift lights.

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I attend my fair share of car shows, but Petrolheadonism Underground might just be one of my favourites.

Samuel Cherry
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