China is making too many EV batteries. Rivian is applying real-world letter grades to EV fast-chargers for smoother route planning. And despite depreciation woes, many EVs still pay back big over five years of ownership. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Rivian has announced that it’s rating EV fast-chargers for real-world reliability—and including those letter-grade ratings in its route planning and interface. It’s a situation that may put some pressure on networks to prioritize reliability, and in the meantime it may favor Tesla Supercharging and its generally superior reliability. 

According to a recent deep dive into EV cost of ownership, half of new 2024 EVs cost less over five years versus ICE models—despite depreciation, which was far greater this past year. 

And China now makes enough batteries for global EV production, according to data analyzed by Bloomberg New Energy Finance this past week. In 2023, manufacturing capacity was already double what global battery-cell demand amounted to for EVs and energy storage combined, and if companies keep to announcements there may be even more of a gap between supply of cells and demand by EV plants. 


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