I’m about to drive the all-new and all-electric 2025 Porsche Macan 4 and Macan Turbo. The automaker is completely retooling its most popular vehicle for its second generation. Gone are the internal combustion engines and PDK gearboxes. In its place are powerful-as-hell electric motors. Before I drive these cars around the south of France on very little sleep, I want to know what you want to know about them.

What sorts of questions are keeping you up at night about Porsche’s latest compact crossover? Do you want to know why Porsche decided to go all-electric for this new model? How about if it’ll be as good a performer as its predecessor? I bet you’d like to know if it can justify its new very-high price tag. All of these things and more are questions I can (probably answer).

Anyway, let’s get a few boilerplate things out of the way first. I’ll be driving two cars here in France: the Macan 4 and the Macan Turbo (yes, Porsche is sticking with the Turbo nameplate on its EVs, get over it.) The Macan 4 starts at $78,800, and it gets you 382 horsepower (402 using launch control) and 479 lb-ft of torque via two motors with juice provided by a 100 kWh battery. If that somehow isn’t enough oomph for you, feel free to step up to the Macan Turbo. This bad boy starts at $105,300, but you get 576 horsepower (630 using launch control) and an eye watering 833 lb-ft of torque with power from a 100 kWh battery. The Macan 4 and Macan Turbo will hit 0-60 mph in 4.9 and 3.1 seconds, respectively. That’ll get her done for sure. Porsche has yet to release range numbers for either car, but some testing has already been done.

2025 Porsche Macan 4

Photo: Porsche

Let’s talk about the price for a moment. It’s pretty high, I will admit. In fact, the cheapest Macan is now just $400 cheaper than a base model Cayenne, but there’s probably a good reason for that. First of all, electric motors and batteries aren’t cheap, so it was never going to be as affordable as the previous car and its little VW-derived four-popper (which started at $62,550). Second, you get a lot more as standard on the new cars. I’m talking stuff like air suspension with PSAM, 20-inch wheels, a panoramic room, lane change assist, lane keep assist and adaptive cruise control. That’s all standard on the Macan 4 now.

The Macan Turbo gets even more, like Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus, surround view cameras, a Bose audio system, sports seats and a carbon fiber interior package. So, you’re paying more, but you also get more. We also don’t know right now if a cheaper Macan is coming at some point, but I’ll try to find out for you folks.

You can also add options that were never available on the previous Macan, like a heads-up display, a passenger screen and rear-axle steering. Neat!

Anyway, why don’t you all drop down below and let me know what you want to know about the all-new 2025 Porsche Macan 4 and Macan Turbo?

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