Ford used its Mustang 60th anniversary bash held at Charlotte Motor Speedway on Wednesday to announce a new variant for the current seventh-generation car.

A single teaser photo was shown but Ford was short on additional details, apart from confirming the car will arrive in 2025.

The teaser doesn’t give away much detail but shows the car equipped with a rear wing, suggesting it will be a performance variant.

Next year marks 60 years since Shelby American launched the original GT350, and a modern example based on the seventh-generation Mustang would be a great way to celebrate the anniversary. Ford marked the 50th anniversary by launching the sixth-generation Mustang’s GT350 and GT350R variants.

Ford of course has plenty of other variants that could be revived, like the Boss 302, Bullitt, and Mach 1. A modern Shelby GT500, or an equivalent car, can likely be ruled out since we’re so early into the current Mustang’s life cycle. Performance range-toppers like the Shelby GT500 tend to arrive toward the end of the life cycle.

Ford could also be planning a hybrid Mustang, and the shroud on the car in the teaser photo does feature a green shade. Ford planned to introduce a hybrid option on the previous-generation Mustang, but pulled the plug on the project as it focused on developing the seventh-generation car. Those hybrid plans may be revived now as Ford only this month said it expects to offer hybrid powertrains across its lineup in North America by the end of the decade.

Ford on Wednesday introduced a limited-edition 60th Anniversary Package for the Mustang GT to mark the Mustang’s 60th anniversary. Just 1,965 examples will be available, the number representing the first model year for the Mustang.

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