People are getting tired of superhero movies. Marvel’s been trying its hardest to get Young Avengers off the ground, but it’s not 2008 anymore, and it’s a lot harder to get people to the theaters. Ironically, that makes it the perfect time to bring back Deadpool and pair him up with Wolverine in a highly anticipated movie called, well, Deadpool & Wolverine. The trailer dropped Monday, and while there’s plenty of other stuff to digest, our first takeaway is that Deadpool & Wolverine sure looks like it’s going to be a car movie.

Don’t get us wrong, there should also be plenty of action and explosions. Any movie that pairs Wolverine with Deadpool is going to come with a seriously high body count, and based on the trailer, this one isn’t going to disappoint in that regard. Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have great chemistry, although, disappointingly, it doesn’t appear that they kiss at any point in the movie. Your move, Wattpad writers.

Motorcycle chariot in Deadpool & Wolverine

Screenshot: Marvel

After establishing the basic premise that Jackman plays a Wolverine from a different universe and that Deadpool needs his help saving the planet (shoutout to whoever added the Liefeld’s Just Feet storefront), the trailer shifts gears. We see the Mercedes and Duesenberg-inspired six-wheel car that Red Skull originally had, only it’s been repainted and has an Iron Man hood ornament. There’s also a giant desert chariot pulled by what appear to be Hydra motorcycles.

Most importantly, there’s also a Honda Odyssey. Clearly, Deadpool understands the minivan is the ultimate form of transportation, although, based on what’s shown in the trailer, there’s a good chance it doesn’t make it to the end of the movie without getting destroyed. Then again, it’s the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so pretty much any car that can be destroyed will be destroyed.

Car in Deadpool & Wolverine

Screenshot: Marvel

More serious MCU fans will probably want to talk about what appears to be Cassandra Nova, as well as a few other character sightings such as (possibly) Lady Deathstrike, Azazel, Sabretooth and Toad. Also, has Antman’s helmet/suit been turned into a ship? There’s so much to pick apart if you’re really dedicated, but if you just want to see fast vehicles, carnage and a Honda Odyssey, odds are, you’re going to love it, too.

Now let’s fuckin’ go!

Deadpool & Wolverine | Trailer

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