smart joins KL Car Free Morning, previews #3 EV SUV

There was a surprise appearance at yesterday’s KL Car Free Morning (KLCFM). smart Malaysia showed up with not just the #1, but a taped-up #3 as well. It was the first appearance of the ‘hashtag three’ in Malaysia, and it kicks off the preview phase of the company’s second model.

Think of the #3 as a sleeker ‘SUV coupe’ version of the high-roofed #1. At 4,400 mm long, 1,844 mm wide and 1,556 mm tall, the #3 is 130 mm longer, 22 mm wider and 80 mm lower than the #1, and its 2,785 mm wheelbase is 35 mm longer. Battery and powertrain options mirror the #1 (there’s also a Brabus range topper), and so does the cabin, although the #3 gets round central air vents for an even stronger Mercedes-Benz vibe.

“The smart #3 is poised to redefine the driving experience in Malaysia, setting a new standard for EV performance. Signalling the arrival of the car in Malaysia, with more announcements on the way. Stay informed and connected by following smart Malaysia’s social media channels for the latest updates and official announcements,” the company said in a statement.

smart joins KL Car Free Morning, previews #3 EV SUV

smart Malaysia is the the first EV brand to support DBKL’s KLCFM, a weekly Sunday morning open circuit around the city, and the company provided plants for runners to adopt.

“In alignment with smart’s Global Sustainability Strategy, our partnership with DBKL represents a significant step forward in promoting collaborative sustainable development for both the environment and society. By showcasing smart #1 and #3, we aim to raise awareness for eco-friendly transportation alternatives and emphasize the importance of reducing carbon emissions and protecting the environment. Additionally, our plant giveaway adds a delightful touch to our efforts in spreading this awareness,” said Zhang Qiang, CEO of smart Malaysia.

“Moreover, this initiative serves as a solution to achieving a greener, carbon-free city by 2030 by shifting mindsets towards owning all-electric vehicles. As an EV car distributor, smart Malaysia is at the forefront of this transition,” the company added.

What do you think of the smart #3’s design? It should drive similarly to the #1, which we reviewed here.

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