Cheaper Tesla models coming earlier than expected – before 2H 2025, won’t use “unboxed” production

Tesla revealed some details about its future product roadmap when it comes to cars in its recent Q1 2024 earnings update. It says there are new vehicles on the way including more affordable models, and they are aiming to launch them before the second half of 2025.

However, these new vehicles will not be built on the originally planned ‘unboxed’ manufacturing strategy, but instead will use current manufacturing lines and share aspects with current platforms.

According to Tesla, although this method will achieve less cost reductions compared to using the unboxed manufacturing strategy, it is lighter on capex expenditure.

Tesla’s most affordable model is the Model 3 RWD, which competes against the BYD Seal. The Model Y competes against the BYD Sea Lion. It has no competitors for cheaper BYD models such as the Atto 3, Dolphin and Seagull.

While the unboxed “Model 2” is now dead, the unboxed manufacturing strategy is still alive, as Tesla still intends to use it for the robotaxi project which it plans to reveal more about on 8/8 this year.

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