Drew Gooden's Cybertruck rant

Screenshot: Drew Gooden/YouTube

If you’re looking to learn something new, it’s usually a good idea to go to an expert on the subject. They’ve studied it for years, know the ins and outs and can explain it in a way that you’ll understand. For example, this video from an optical engineer explaining how to see better while driving at night. Entertainment doesn’t always have to be educational, though, and sometimes it’s fun to just sit back and listen to someone say a bunch of things you already know and agree with, like this formerly anti-union Volkswagen employee. It’s cathartic.

The video below is definitely the latter, so if you’re hoping to learn something, this isn’t the video for you. If you’re frustrated with new car trends, though, it’s exactly the kind of thing you’ll enjoy watching. It’s just a regular guy, not an enthusiast, slowly losing his mind over various trends in the auto industry. We’ll also give him a bonus point for being the rare successful YouTuber who owns something other than a Tesla. We probably would have picked something other than a Hyundai Sonata, but you can do a lot worse with your YouTube money.

Considering the video is only 30 minutes long (which is still long, but you can always watch it at 2x speed and cut it down to 15 minutes), it’s impressive how many topics he manages to touch on.

New transmission controls that forego a traditional PRNDL shifter? Check. Increases in distracted driving and road deaths? Check. All the controls being built into touchscreens at the expense of buttons? Check. Retracting door handles that get frozen stuck in the winter? Check. Everyone’s headlights being unnecessarily blinding at night? Check. The arms race to build bigger and bigger cars? Check.

And that’s only in the first 15 minutes. He also includes a clip from Not Just Bikes, clowns on the Cybertruck and then rents one to see if it really is as bad as it sounds. As previously mentioned, you probably already know everything he covers in the video, but if you share his frustrations, who cares? Enjoy Drew slowly going mad over everything so you don’t have to.

Cars are getting dumber

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